Voluntary Anti-epidemic Assistance Programme for Chinese Medicine Support in UK

 In order to help Chinese such as students studying in the UK to alleviate the stress and anxiety and to provide feasible and necessary assistance to Chinese Medicine Support, the British TCM Alliance and the British TCM Forum have organized the “ Voluntary Anti-epidemic Assistance Programme for Chinese Medicine Support“.

Our team is made up of qualified Chinese practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in UK with their respective association certificates and corresponding medical and safety insurance. The aim of the event is to help our Chinese compatriots in UK to learn more about the epidemic, relieve the stress or anxiety, and provide feasible and necessary TCM medical assistance. This activity is mainly based on remote online consultation and contact, via telephone, WeChat, including online remote consultation, WeChat photos to see the coating on the tongue, e-prescription and mailing preventive Chinese medicine to consulters. For eligible patients in need of assistance, according to the specific circumstances of the volunteers and patients, we canal also provide free mailing service of traditional Chinese medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine will be strictly prescribed according to the patient’s constitution. And it will be mainly for prevention and on the initial stage of treatment, which will be implemented in accordance with China’s new epidemic guidelines. Free consultation and preferential treatment for all Chinese who contact us. All consultations will be conducted on the basis of the UK government, NHS Guidelines and CN National Health Commission Guidelines.

Within one month, our volunteer team has developed with currently 75 volunteer TCM doctors all over the country. We have received more than two thousand cases of free consultation, including hundreds of cases concerning using Chinese medicine treatment for suspected cases. Our doctors volunteers not only give spiritual encouragement and support for patients, but also provide concrete and expertise support in tackling the symptoms and treatment in emergency cases by using TCM therapy, which demonstrates a very encouraging clinical result.

(Activity contact: Wang Tianjun 07515695369 WeChat ID: drtjwang)

Volunteer List as follows:

XU Ying 0772280966607722809666London 1
Bartlett  07810395363BARTLETT LipingLondon 2 & Westminster
GUO Zunli07970769971zunliguoEast London 6  
CHEN Dongzhi 07807079674DongG2013Southeast London 4
GUO Lin   07432145610graceguo1992Southeast London 4
LU Yaqing    073914517073DrYaqingLu Northeast London Canning Town
WANG Tianjun  07515695369drtjwangNortheast London Redbridge
ZHANG Xin   07805758943Spring_autumn1688Northeast London
GAO Manxia07921025029  South London Croydon
LI Hua 07538701666 hua18andrich08South London
DUO Xiuyin07388616667dorothy798South London Chiswick
ZHAO Xuejing07824631919Rachel955West London
ZHOU Jicheng07787712197jich62West London 2
HUANG Wensheng07800637003Aa27112014 West London 3 & Oxford
LIU Qiuyan 07838030795juliaqyliuSouthwest London Merton
MA Qun 07888668006hengyuan_LondonSouthwest London Richmond
YANG Hong  07801502452tanxiang1212Southwest London Kingston
XU Jun07801502452laonong3519Southwest London Kingston
WANG Jiarui07557984399wei_x_dagoxiongSouthwest London
ZHOU Jing07563 973178wxid_h747cu8i9ufm12Southwest London 2
HU Gang07410507979195884174Northwest London
LI Min07782207000minli718 Northwest London
LIU Quanjun  07738609178Liu07738609178North London Middlesex
XU Xinyue   07903424732XuxinyuezhongyiNorth London Middlesex
QIAN Mengzhu     07864285198wxid_8c6hdysmc7pt21North London Edgwaer
YANG Chunxia07424978228 London
HAN Yonggang 07578709518 yonggang01London
LI Lihua 07917885925lily_London123London
DUAN Shujun07799407408 shujunduan1London
LIU Huiqin 07532737836Aliceuk168London
HE Jing07525132347anna84131527London
XUE Sainan07882221393xiangxue0328London
ZHANG Jun07719209888joezhang201606London
East of England
YE Liuzhong  07525718989leukasfamilyNorwich
Qiao Fusheng07590191668xixifly99Norwich
ZHAO Xiaorong0787514612850147478Norwich
North of England
YU Xiaoxi07716231025xiaoxiyu1964Newcastle
LIN Jingfeng  07850462268jinglin5357Newcastle
ZHU Hongyan07823770108 Lily632278Liverpool
ZHU Hongying07584130688Juliehyz Leeds
TANG Shulan 07766165608 wxid_1979wt2Manchester
ZHANG Yaxiong07723600125wxid_41oqkr8829no12Manchester
 Central England
HE Yeli 07500061766 heyeli1958Oxford
DING Shu 07939534193ACUandHERBSCambridge
LI Jieru  jieru1952Rugby& Cowentry
ZHANG Qizhi  07368697018 Rugby
YUAN Suya   07878513487suyaukBirmingham
HUANG Suiyun    07428113663Suiyun-EdwinaYorkshire
LUO Dongsheng 07855885678hzldsh1209Nottingham
WEI Simin 07986131314 Milton Keynes
GUO Xianghui07411408874xianghui26Loughborough
 South of England
WANG Jingfeng07828491007WangjfwendySurrey
WANG Yan0789107069307891070693West Sussex
WANG Feng  0751542138107891070693West Sussex
ZHOU Hongqiao07958795588xwll2014. ukMid Sussex
SHAN Koujie 07583200759acukiyoHampshire
ZHANG Qing07727123311zhangqing2100Southampton
 Southeast England
ZHU Shengbing07808220053bing250024850Chelmsford
LIU Yan  07595318568Yan-L-vWColchester
HUANG Qiaorong 07557552625amy2625Essex
QU Yu07958493036cnxiaoyu001Buckinghamshire
HUANG Meifeng07847313810jasmine2221817Kent
 Southwest England
XU Liang07795563883landend-cornwall Cornwall
LIU Yurong  07817247408 lyr510892180Bristol & Gloucestershire
ZHANG Shengchun 07708936566SC-ZHANG2020Bristol
YU Jiajian07469184886 Scotland
MEI Haijun07723975188 Glasgow
LI Sijin07889922148 Glasgow
YANG Jing dryangjing6405Stirling
WANG Wenlong wenwang718Glasgow
WANG Danli  07789928167 Edinburgh
ZHOU Hao  zhou802hao North Wales
FU Haier  wenhowellsWest Wales Pembrokeshire
WANG Fang laoyao951111Dublin

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